Handmade Music Candles

I make handmade crackling wick candles to create an entire experience around my music. 

Why only use one sense to enjoy art? I create these candles based on my songs and each one should be lit while listening to the respective song. 

I sell these candles online as well as at local farmer's markets. 

Besides buying me a coffee, this is the next best way to support my work! AND you receive a candle that smells amazing, sounds like a fireplace, and lasts longer than store-bought candles. 

Check out all the five-star reviews on Etsy!

Handmade Candles
Represent the ĀB̲ Family

The ĀB̲ logo was actually designed by one of my fans. Her name is Aiyana. She has been supporting my music longer than anyone and she entered the design into a logo contest. 

Now her design lives all over the internet and even on people's clothing!

The ĀB̲ clothing line is a public way to show you're a part of this great community. A community that believes in adventure, and finding our place in the world. 

Below are all of the designs. 

ĀB̲ Family Clothing