I am an independent EDM and pop music producer based in Washington DC. I write music based on my belief that life is a call to adventure. After college, and a year of living out of my car, I started pursuing music full-time. Since May of 2020, my music has been streamed over 500,000 times and my following across platforms has grown to over 10,000. I support my music through handmade candles that I sell as merchandise to fans of my music.

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Spotify Growth

I have averaged 60,000 monthly streams in 2021 and regularly have over 15,000 monthly listeners.

Increasing listeners and streams on my Spotify account is my number one priority. This leads to consistent weekly algorithmic playlist growth as well as users' own playlist adds.  

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Social Media Statistics

I have grown my Instagram account from 200 to over 2,400 followers in a year.


I have grown TikTok to over 2,300 followers and 177,000 total likes. 

I spend time every day replying to DMs and sending messages to all of my new followers. I do this on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. 

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Following Sizes

  • Instagram: 2,400

  • TikTok: 2,336

  • Facebook: 1,535

  • Spotify: 3,550

  • YouTube: 1,311

  • Discord: 89

  • Twitch: 50

Contact Info

Phone Number: (757) 374-0995

Email Address: