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I am an independent EDM and pop music producer based in Washington DC. I write music based on my belief that life is a call to adventure. After college, and a year of living out of my car, I started pursuing music full-time. Since May of 2020, my music has been streamed over 1,000,000 times and my following across platforms has grown to over 10,000. I support my artist project by DJing weddings, producing for other artists, and teaching music production locally. 

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Spotify Growth

I have averaged 60,000 monthly streams in 2021 and regularly have over 15,000 monthly listeners.

Increasing listeners and streams on my Spotify account is a priority. This leads to consistent weekly algorithmic playlist growth as well as users' own playlist adds. My Spotify currently boasts over 800,000 streams. 

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Social Media Statistics

I have grown my Instagram account from 200 to over 2,700 followers in a year.


I have grown TikTok to over 2,300 followers and 177,000 total likes. 

I spend time every day replying to DMs and sending messages to all of my new followers. I do this on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. 

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Following Sizes

  • Instagram: 2,700

  • TikTok: 2,336

  • Facebook: 1,535

  • Spotify: 5,051

  • YouTube: 1,550

  • Discord: 102

  • Twitch: 50

Contact Info

Phone Number: (757) 374-0995

Email Address:

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