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My Story

At the core of my music is the belief that life is a call to adventure. Each song has a different story ranging from manipulation, to loss, and even to fun and excitement. As humans, we either answer the call to adventure or live our lives being disappointed and bitter. Composing is how I grapple with this adventure, and I hope that it can help others too.  


As I illustrate through my music, it’s impossible to go through life alone. My community has remained the most important part of my journey. EDM artists typically have a pitiful relationship with their audience, but I chose to have the opposite. In talking with my audience and community everyday, I realize that if there’s one thing I want to inspire, it’s action. Action to answer the call to adventure, accept our burdens, and look for beauty in the world.   


I want you to be part of this adventure with me. My music has reached 5000% more people in 2020 than it did in 2019 while I was living out of my car, producing melodies in spare rooms and coffee shops. The growth in 2021 will dwarf even the huge growth in 2020. This ride is getting faster, and I want you to experience it too.

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